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SYGNET Anti-Bacterial Teat Wipes

100 Sheet Wipes      

Before the infusion of intramammary antibiotic products ensure the teat end is scrubbed vigorously until visibly clean. It is recommended that 1 wipe per teat is used to remove any dirt and bacteria and thereby preventing infusion of extraneous bacteria into the udder of the cow.


These wipes are Dairy NZ and AsureQuality Assessed.


These wipes have been evaluated, a comprehensive report can be  downloaded here.

Approved by Dairy NZ                              

All chemicals used in the formulation for these wipes comply with the US Food & Drug Administration. 

Cite: 21CFR178.1010 Sanitising Solutions

Product Code CI 111 

• Dispenser contains 100 wipes.

• Wipes are pre-started.

• The tubs have a foil seal.

• Wipes Measure 200 mm x 140mm

• Packed in cartons each containing 20 units. 

• The dispenser is made from plastic products that can be recycled.

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