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About us

 BioChem Solutions is the largest manufacturer of canister Wet and Dry Wipes in New Zealand.

We are the largest manufacturer of Canister Wet Wipes in New Zealand,  supplying a range of Wipes for use in both the Commercial, Domestic and International markets.

We have been manufacturing our range of Wet Wipes in Christchurch, New Zealand since 1988 and now moved our manufacturing facility to Auckland with the aquisition by BioChem Solutions of Cox Industries in May 2022 and pride ourselves on the quality of wipes and the service that we provide to our customers.

Our wipes are marketed under the SYGNET brand along with a number of private labels under agreement with several Australasian companies. We are more than happy to discuss private label options with you for the products you require.

Your Label

We can formulate under confidentiality your own label. You can supply your liquid or we can manufacture it for you.

Our minimum orders are very reasonable and can scale accordingly for larger markets.

Some of the industries where you will find our wipes being marketed by distributors are:

Computer Accessories

Compact Discs

Vinyl Records

Office Stationery

Commercial Cleaning Products

Hygiene Products

We also have suppliers to:


Freezing Works

Cool Stores

Fish & Game Processing Plants for cleaning Food Probes and 

The Dairy Industry - Teat Wipes for Dry Cow Therapy.

Medical Centres

Public & Private Hospitals

Dental Practices and other Healthcare facilities.


All of our wipes are pre-started. This makes it easy for the user to feed the first wipe through the cap. To maintain freshness, the tubs have a Foil Seal placed on the top prior to the cap being applied. This enhances the shelf life of the wipes and we currently give a "Best Before" date of 12 months from date of manufacture. Once opened and the Foil Seal removed it is recommended that the wipes be used within 12 weeks.


We are confident that we can provide you with high quality products to meet your requirements at competitive prices from our exclusive range of Wet Wipes made here in New Zealand.

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